How to stop drinking soda

One of the biggest changes in our dietary habits over the past 50 years HAS to be our constant consumption of soda. The combination of the refreshing fizz and a caffeine kick has made it a staple of our daily diets.

Personally, at one time, I was up to as many as 8-10 12 oz. servings per day. Especially on a weekend, it wasn’t uncommon for me to chug a 2-liter bottle or more. Sadly, I was under the impression that because it was “diet” it was about the same as drinking water. Wow, what a mistake. After doing some research, here’s what I’ve found out.

  • Diet soda contains funky chemicals and preservatives, sometimes including sodium benzoate. Which, when exposed to light and Vitamin C, turns into benzene. Benzene is a known carcinogen found in things like gasoline.
  • Diet soda is acidic and damages your teeth.
  • The artificial colors and chemicals are “generally considered safe”. However, I don’t think they were ever intended to be consumed constantly, all day long, year round.
  • Some of these ingredients are suspected of aggravating ADD and other behavioral issues.
  • The body’s metabolic response to drinking an artificially sweetened diet soda is similar to drinking a regular soda! So, although you’re sparing some calories, your body still reacts as if you did and this slows any attempts to burn fat!
  • Part of the reason you crave soda is because your body needs fluids. You’re thirsty! When you drink a soda with caffeine, it actually removes water from your body, making you more thirsty. No wonder I was drinking more and more soda!

So, with all this in mind, I decided it was best to stop drinking sodaas much as possible. Obviously, if I was going to stop soda, I needed to find something to replace it. Like many “soda heads” I felt that I needed something with some flavor. Here are a few options that I found worked great for me:

  • Ice water with a squeeze of lemon
  • Home brewed iced tea (decaf fruit teas are a great option)
  • Black coffee (iced in the summer)

After some time, I even found that just plain ice water is good. It took time, but it’s the truth!

Now that I’ve stuck to mostly water and tea, I’ve found that I have less cravings for junk food, my skin looks better, I am less hungry, my joints feel better, and I recover more quickly from my workouts!

If you’re struggling to stop drinking soda or have questions about nutrition or improving your fitness overall, I’m here to help! Just contact me.

Have you stopped drinking soda? Why? How did it go? Suggestions? Tips?